Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Additionally, as the IVAW transport visit

Additionally, as the IVAW transport visit arrives at its booked end in upstate New York (Ft Drum) on July eighth, the coordinators of Pledge to Impeach Campaign will be joining the Yellow Rose's "Bring the Troops Home" transport visit and heading west. Approximately the ninth of July, the Yellow Rose and the PTI Campaign will be setting out from town to town bringing the message of trust and determination to spare the eventual fate of our constitution and our vote based system. On the visit we will educate shocked America of our Plan for Victory, then gather vows as verification of duty to make successful move against the present organization in a legitimate, peaceful way. Here is a duplicate of the flyer being conveyed. 

Anybody needing to include their group bunch, union, church association meeting, and so forth., to the Tour's timetable of stops ought to email PTI at administrator at pledgetoimpeach dab org. We will land to portray in point of interest how the Plan will function and sign individuals up. 

For more data see the: Pledge to Impeach Campaign site. 

The Iraq Veterans Against the War transport visit moved through Jacksonville this week, however not to challenge. 

Youthful parts of the gathering said they were here to show backing to the troops by holding a picnic for them. 

"Quite a few people promptly feel we're against them somehow," said Nate Lewis, an Army veteran who served in the Iraq war. "I need individuals to comprehend we're doing this for our siblings and sisters and families in light of the fact that we get it." 

Why did Sgt. Rand kick the bucket? 

IVAW transport visit proceeds from Norfolk, Va. 

Appreciative because of Dr. DC for sending the feature and cam telephone still photographs throughout today's upgrade from Norfolk, Virginia. 

Will have an upgrade from Jim the transport driver hopefuly by this nighttime. They ought to be out and about now setting out toward Jacksonville, NC (Camp Lejeune). 

On the Road for the East drift Bus visit ~ day 1 

On account of Katherine for sending photographs as the Yellow Rose Peace Bus starts the Iraq Veterans Against the War East Coast Tour. 

No phone call from Jim up 'til now providing for us a verbal overhaul. 

stay tuned.

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